with Fanny Meteier for thanatosis

Cover design by Erlend Eggestad

with Sarah Buchner for Barefoot records

Coverart by Josephine Sommer.

with Mirjana Nardelli for Barefoot records

artwork by Harco Rutgers

with ŌTONN for Esc.Rec

artwork by Freaky Freak and Fake News Inc.

with ŌTONN for Smallform

artwork by Harco Rutgers 

with ŌTONN for Esc.Rec

with Andrea Trona

Artwork by Marialuisa Capurso

with OEOAS

also in..

the deafening moment of the whistle after the noise, LAMIEE./Dròlo Ensemble, 2023

Fisica, LAMIEE., 2023

next releases..

2024 August, SOFA MUSIC, Àlea

2025, KAMO records, RADIS

2024, SUPERPANG, exapist euforia

2025 February, Breton Cassette, for organ